Who’s Craig? Where’s Craig? Get me Craig! Who’s Craig?

Appropriate title for my first post. I’m going to start blogging regularly about startups, tech, career, life and occasionally my pup ;). I’m going to make a commitment to blog at least once a week; that feels often enough that I can keep it and also make it interesting.

So… what’s this title and post about? It’s about career stages. I took this tagline from my Dad (thanks pops!) about the stages people experience in their career.

Who’s Craig?

When I first started out in my career and for that matter when anyone is usually starting out, no one knows who you are, and what your capable of achieving.  The natural inclination for anyone to ask is Who the F*!@ is Craig Calderone?

I’ve passed this stage in my career, but I’ll tell you anyway.

I’m a 29 year old college graduate who has had too many jobs to fit on a 1 page resume. My experience comes from large corporations (NASDAQ), tech accelerators (Techstars) and startups (Chartbeat), among others.

I’m driven and lazy at the same time. I don’t get complacent, and also always looking for the most efficient way of doing something.

Where’s Craig?

I broached this one fairly early on in my career. I tend to cut straight to the chase and get things done.

I provided enough value to conversations, but have not been quite mission critical. This probably came from a sales background where there was always mainly 1 goal… $$$$.

I believe that I’m nearing the finish of this one…

Get me Craig!

You are the only one that knows what to do, how to do it and can actually get it done (whatever ‘it’ maybe). Great at rallying everyone around a mission, vision and goal that drives everything forward.

Who’s Craig ?

Hopefully, I never experience this one again, but I’ll let you know if I do 😉

On to plotting world domination…

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