Life is a negotiation

essential-negotiating-strategiesI find that watching films sparks my compelling nature to write. I just finished watching Bridge of Spies. It can be a bit slow at times but I do recommend it. The reason I mention this movie is that it’s a Tom Hanks film about prisoner negotiation in the Cold War.

The movie brings up good points of negotiating tactics but also negotiating subtleties that don’t seem like negotiations at first but in fact turn out to be crucial bargaining chips.

Whether we realize it or not, consciously or unconsciously, everything in life is a negotiation. I saw this all too prevalent in my most recent trip to Mexico as well. I couldn’t walk down the street without be offered some good or service. T-shirt negotiation almost became a game at one point. They started at $25, a piece, then the further you walked into town and the more people you talked to, the lower the price went. We wound up getting 3 T-shirts for $30.

Negotiating terms in a deal have certain similarities. The main key is knowing how far you can push and pull without losing everything.

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