For the longest time, I wore a yin yang necklace. After I had my surgery at 6 years old, it was given to me and I wore it for close to the next 6 years straight.

The symbol of the yin yang always stayed with me. I understood it as balance in the world. There is always light and dark, in almost everything we do, one cannot exist without the other. However, there is always a little bit of light in the darkness and vice versa.

I try to live by this tenant more and more every day; in work and in personal life. I can feel it, with an almost painful self-awareness when I am spending too much time being sucked into one or the other. It’s like when I put on the headphones and my favorite song comes on; whatever I am doing is the most important thing in the world at that very moment. Balance is important in every aspect of life.

Yin yang. We can not know what sadness is without happiness. We can not know what pain is without pleasure. We can not know what hate is without love.

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